Thermal Energy Harvesting

TEGmat makes industrial-scale thermal energy harvesting profitable. Our components convert a difference in temperature directly into electricity.

  • A bendable generator that is suitable for curved surfaces and durable in harsh conditions.
  • Environmentally-friendly and abundant raw materials.
  • No chemical reactions, no moving parts, no noise.
  • Harvesting energy from low-grade waste heat.
  • Works continuously without maintenance for decades.

TEGmat – Thermoelectric Generation Components

Components for thermoelectric power generation

TEGmat produces thermoelectric generation components (TEGs) that allow you to convert a difference in temperature directly into electrical energy using the Seebeck effect. Our components are made of ground-breaking energy materials based on abundant and non-toxic elements. They are capable of transforming a temperature difference to electricity in a wide temperature range from -50°C up to 350°C. Components from TEGmat helps utilize low-grade waste heat from industrial processes and buildings, or even body temperature. TEGmat has exclusive licenses on materials and process patents.

Upcycle waste heat into valuable electricity

Turn surface heat into power for IoT devices

By 2025, there will be 25 billion IoT devices online and a need to change 78 million batteries every day. Components from TEGmat turn surface heat into reliable power for IoT devices and eliminate the hassles for sending people around for documenting, changing and scrapping batteries.

Flexible design

Small and flexible components for easy integration.

Sustainable materials

Large global supply, low materials costs.

Scalable manufacture

Twice the power at half the price of other commercial products.

About TEGmat

TEGmat is a spin-off from TEGnology. TEGmat develops and produces components for thermoelectric generators and makes these components available for third parties. Meet the team:

Hao Yin
PhD in chemistry

Hilde Seglem
M.Sc. from CBS

Jörg Rehder

Li Han
Materials Developer
PhD in nanoscience

Morten Rafael Jeppesen
Development Engineer
M.Sc. in chemistry

Aviv Heimann Zvi
Marketing Coordinator
Internship (CBS)

Contact us

If you are interested in integrating our flexible TEGmat TEG components into your products or knowing more about our technology, don’t hestitate to contact us. 

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